More than ten years after the adoption of the 2010-2020 Aichi Targets on biodiversity, none have fully been achieved, notably Aichi Target 20 calling for a substantial increase in the mobilisation of financial resources. The protection of biodiversity remains insufficiently taken into account, especially when it comes to partner countries’ support. Beyond the environment, the risks posed by biodiversity loss also translate into economic and social issues and have become a central topic in the global fight against inequality.


The European Union institutions and Member States remain collectively one of the major donors on biodiversity with a total of $743,1 Mn disbursements in biodiversity ODA in 2019 according to OECD data as part of the $4,915 Mn allocable biodiversity-related ODA (or “activities targeting general environmental objectives”). However, the current situation calls for additional efforts. (...) It is important that Europeans step up for biodiversity protection and propose an ambitious financial package on the basis of a clearer picture on what they have already funded. Available data on European efforts to support biodiversity in developing countries remain patchy and this contributes to blurring the role played by these stakeholders.

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