Based on an analysis of the state of negotiations a few weeks before COP15, this Policy Brief highlights key recommendations for an effective implementation of the future post-2020 global biodiversity framework (GBF) by the Convention on Biological Diversity's Parties. These recommendations aim to identify not-to-be-missed opportunities at COP15 and during the decade to follow.

Key Messages

  • We propose a package of key interconnected elements for an Enhanced Implementation Cycle, revolving around planning, implementation, monitoring & reporting, review and stepping up of implementation.
  • Processes for enhanced transparency and responsibility should not only avoid to be unavailing efforts by being too burdensome but must, on the contrary, yield beneficial results for biodiversity. It is in this perspective that these processes should evolve towards an exercise that facilitates and progressively improves implementation without imposing additional burden on Parties but rather providing appropriate support to them.
  • The Enhanced Implementation Cycle should be adopted at COP15 with improvements incorporated in it in subsequent COPs to support the timely delivery of the GBF’s goals and targets.
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