Based on IDDRI’s participation in the official Global Stocktake (GST) and experience in international processes, this Policy Brief provides insights on the GST process, highlighting pitfalls and avenues for improvement, and proposes recommendations for the coming discussions, grounded in our ongoing research and in-country engagement.

Key Messages

  • The Global Stocktake (GST) is a critical instrument to operationalize the spirit of solidarity and mutual support for both ambitious climate action and strengthened international cooperation enacted by the Paris Agreement.
  • Contributing to this goal requires, from the cyclical GST process, discussions to focus on international enablers of systems transitions compatible with global carbon neutrality.
  • An effective collective identification of enablers requires that countries, informed by their Long-Term Strategies and related Nationally Determined Contributions, discuss their current barriers for the implementation of systemic mitigation and adaptation transformations aligned with global carbon neutrality. This methodology can provide a strong link between the international discussion on the enablers and the political agenda in key countries.
  • Operationalising opportunities for international cooperation goes beyond the mandate of the GST, which could however issue a call at COP28 for some follow-up on the different cooperation opportunities identified, which could be taken up within or outside the UNFCCC process.
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