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A participation of Sébastien Treyer during this 6-day symposium, organised by the International Cultural Centre of Cerisy, France.

At a time when the relationship between science and society, between man, technology and nature, is being reconfigured, this symposium aims to take stock of the progress made in the agricultural sector and to build new areas of thought for agricultural research.

Sébastien Treyer speaks about the "global fabric" of the futures of the food system: genealogy of the prospective exercises that structure the imagination of innovation in agriculture and food, and recent structuring of prospective forums on this subject, Foresight4 food in particular, in relation to political initiatives (climate, biodiversity, but also free trade agreements). He also discusses some of the competing initiatives and how debates on scenarios are being structured to guide European research in the era of Mariana Mazzucato's missions. 

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