A presentation by Marie-Hélène Schwoob at parallel sessions during the SDG-conference 'Towards Zero Hunger: Partnerships for Impact' organized by Wageningen University. 


This session aims at bringing together presentations by people who have been part in this initiative, so that they can share their experience and discuss the approaches and tools that they have developed with the audience.


Introduction: Marie-Hélène Schwoob, IDDRI:
The Agricultural Transformation Pathways Initiative and its methodological logic 

Perspectives and lessons learned 

  • Bruno Lanfranco, INIA (Uruguay): Developing transformation pathways for the beef, dairy and rice sectors and implementing regional task forces
  • Mohamed Elloumi, INRAT (Tunisia): Prioritizing goals and developing a roadmap for action at the national and local levels
  • Pytrik Reidsma, Wageningen University (Netherlands): Proposing indicators based on the SDGs to foster debate and decision
  • Andy Whitmore, Rothamsted Research (United Kingdom): Modelling approaches to support participatory backcasting Interactive debate 

Discuss the usefulness of the back casting technique and the four different steps/tools presented to deal with synergies and trade-offs between SDGs.

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