Sébastien Treyer will participate in this conference organized by Cired as part of the Cité du développement durable's participation in the European Week for Sustainable Development.

Moving towards carbon neutrality of the food system from Farm to Fork by 2050 requires a significant change in diets and trade-offs at all stages of the food system. Five visions of the food system in 2050 will be presented. They present different choices on agricultural production systems and land use sharing, the level of imports and exports of agricultural and food products and the associated transport, processing systems and household supply modes.

What synergies are feasible between public health concerns, greater food autonomy and environmental protection?

The work comes from the SISAE research project (Prospective Simulation of the Food System and its Carbon Footprint).  >> Read the study [in French]

logos Cired intervention Sébastien du 4 octobre 2022