Sébastien Treyer participated in this conference, session n°2 of the bi-annual cycle of conferences at the Court of Cassation on the theme: "Environmental Justice: the challenge of effectiveness". The aim of this session was to raise awareness among legal practitioners of the consequences of environmental changes in the societal field, the systemic effects of the phenomena, and their impact on food and geopolitical issues.

Sébastien Treyer addressed, during this round table, the effects of environmental changes, in particular global warming, on the feeding conditions of populations on a European or global scale with, in particular, the very significant decrease in agricultural land or its productivity.

The conference cycle is organised by the École Normale Supérieure de Rennes, with Gilles Lhuilier, professor of private law; and the University Paris Lumières, with Béatrice Parance; in partnership with the Cour de cassation and the École nationale de la magistrature (ENM).

Speakers included also:

  • Marie Gaille, Research Director at the CNRS and affiliated with Inserm
  • Sébastien Denys, Director of Health, Environment and Work at Santé Publique France

The sessions are open to public and are broadcasted live and available in replay on Youtube (Cour de Cassation).