Dr Faith Wandera and Jacob Olonde (2024). Enhancing Industrialization And Job Creation in the Context of Just Energy Transition. Scoping Paper on Kenya. Ukȧmȧ.

This paper belongs to a series dedicated to green industrialization in Africa produced within the framework of the Ukȧmȧ Platform. Other reports include the other two country case studies (Nigeria and Namibia), a Policy Brief, and a Synthesis Paper.


Kenya and the European relationship have a long-term relationship revolving around trade and the desire to address climate change, the transition to green industrialization and the creation of jobs. Studies on the political economy of solar photovoltaic and electric cooking with respect to green industrialization and energy justice are still lacking. We conducted a desk review to assess the policies, economics and labour markets for the two technology sectors. The solar sector has relatively well-developed policies compared to the electric cooking sector. There are various supportive initiatives to drive their development but the potential for industrialization and job creation is yet to be realized. The solar has a high potential for job creation while the electric cooking sector is still nascent and prospects for job creation are not very clear. Opportunities to enhance job creation exist particularly through harmonization of regional regulations in the solar sector; development of local content requirements for lending to local companies. European Union could re-strategize its funding sup- port to local companies while Kenya addresses the limited skill availability.

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  • Faith Wandera,
  • Jacob Olonde