Circular Economy Innovation Partnership for Ukama (2024). Ukȧmȧ Synthesis Paperon green industrialization: developing a shared agenda between Africa and Europe, Ukȧmȧ.

This Synthesis Paper provides key messages from three African country studies commissioned by the Ukȧmȧ platform to examine emerging green industrialization initiatives in Africa, how Africa-Europe relations shape policies and practice, as well as opportunities and barriers to more transformational partnerships. It therefore belongs to a series  including the three country case studies (Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia), and a Policy Brief.


In order to effectively promote green industrialization and development in both the European Union and Africa, it is crucial to have a nuanced understanding of the critical issues and differences with a view to establishing a common agenda to tackle them. First, we provide key information on the state of the development of the sectors/technologies analysed in the three countries (Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia), touching on their maturity, business models, regulatory framework and potential for job creation. Second, we identify fundamental conflicts affecting the EU-Africa relationship. Based on this assessment, we propose five priority areas for dialogue to align the interests of African and European governments, civil society, and business sector organisations.

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