A closed workshop of international experts co-organised by IDDRI and CIRAD.

Current debates on the future of agriculture and world food address the challenges of biodiversity conservation in terms of the surface area that agriculture could "give back" to nature, in particular by playing on agricultural intensification (increasing production per unit of surface area) and changes in diet (consuming less animal protein). In so doing, the stakes involved in conserving the biodiversity existing within agrosystems, which in Europe represents 30% of the biodiversity that Europe has committed to conserve under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), are totally underestimated. This expert workshop marked the start of an ambitious research project aimed at taking better account of the conservation of agricultural biodiversity in global modelling.

Pierre-Marie Aubert participated in this workshop with the following participants: 

  • Fabrice DeClerck, Scientific Director of the Eat Foundation (Norway), jointly appointed to Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture - CIAT (Costa Rica)
  • Tim Benton, Research Director - Energy, Environment and Resources at Chatham House
  • Adrian Mueller, Senior Scientist at the Institute for Environmental Decisions, ETH Zürich, and at the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture - FiBL (Germany) 
  • Claire Kremen, President’s Excellence Chair in Biodiversity with a joint appointment in IRES and Zoology at University of British Columbia (Canada) 
  • Tim Searchinger, Senior Fellow And Technical Director, Food Program at the American think tank WRI,  and Research Scholar and Lecturer at the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University (USA)