Mathieu Saujot coordinates, in collaboration with Laura Brimont, the Lifestyles in transition initiative at IDDRI.
His latest work focuses on the governance of real digital cities, as part of the Audacities project conducted with FING (Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération - Next Generation Internet Foundation), and on the future of autonomous, shared mobility, as part of the New Mobility, Clean Mobility project.

He has been conducting research at IDDRI since 2010 on a number of issues linking cities and the ecological transition: the transition to low-carbon cities and urban modelling; policies against fuel poverty (in housing and mobility) and affordable housing policies; analysis of the linkages between lifestyles and technical systems in the sustainable city project; and urban planning issues. Recently, he has developed a research series on digital cities, analysing data challenges in “smart” cities and the potential of urban crowdsourcing tools.

Mathieu is a graduate of ENSTA ParisTech and has a PhD in economics. He completed his thesis at Mines ParisTech under the supervision of P.N. Giraud on the planning of low-carbon cities.