Momentum for climate action is building as the Paris Summit approaches. Europe has traditionally led efforts to tackle climate change, and has lessons to offer others. Several European countries – including Germany, the UK and France –have implemented new regulatory instruments to facilitate the transition to a low carbon economy. Focusing on the power sector, this new CERRE study reviews the early experiences in those three Member States and provides practical guidance for other countries and regions.


" [...] In sum, national governments should commit to supporting the Energy Transition with no further delay. This involves putting in place targets and policies leading to an almost carbon-free power sector by 2050. Europe's climate and energy policies are an important complement, but not a substitute for national policies in this area. To avoid damaging investors' confidence, governments should commit to regulatory stability. This is not in contradiction with the need to have rules that evolve during the transition period as long as the course of changes is clearly set and announced in advance. The road ahead is long and windy, but the stakes are high."

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