This Note proposes initiatives that governments could take in response to the need for international action to reduce the risks of infectious diseases within the framework of broader sustainable development policies, particularly environmental policies. These initiatives could be taken as early as this year, both at the UN and bilateral levels.


Responding to this challenge implies, on the one hand, envisaging a certain reorganisation of international action and, on the other hand, dealing with the preservation of biodiversity and animal health on an equal footing with health issues, which must in particular question the consumption and production of animal products on a planetary scale.

The aim is therefore twofold: 1) with regard to assessments, ensuring that they take into account the full scope of the issues at stake, from human health to animal health and biodiversity, 2) with regard to action initiatives for prevention, ensuring that a systemic approach such as One Health will be strengthened and genuinely implemented, which requires an institutional positioning that goes beyond the sectoral agencies (WHO, OIE, FAO, UNEP, etc.), possibly under the aegis of the 2030 Agenda, while guaranteeing its effectiveness.

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