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The ecological transition (energy or agro-ecological transition, development issues, etc.) is a subject of public policies. They are complex, sometimes underpinned by blockages or misunderstandings. At IDDRI, we propose possible solutions based on science. We put them on the democratic agenda because they are aimed at political and economic decision-makers, as well as at civil society as a whole. In these podcasts, IDDRI research fellows present their thoughts to shed light on the debate.

Sufficiency is the subject of our new episode.

From COVID-19 to the war in Ukraine, from food to energy: in the last few months, the word sufficiency has been brandished at every turn... Almost a totem for some... Yet this notion, already old in the environmental sphere, is a real taboo for others. It is worth debating this issue. What is sufficiency? Can it reduce inequalities? How can it be organized collectively? What impact will it have on our lives? Mathieu Saujot answers Sophie Larmoyer's questions.

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