A series of workshops is organised from November 2020 to January 2021 by IDDRI within the VALUMICS project

Recent high-level policy and research publications have provided a clear direction of travel towards a sustainable food system by 2050. While they clearly delineate necessary transformations at the level of farming systems and dietary patterns, potential implications for the organisation and governance of food value chains are frequently overlooked. Yet, food businesses (collectors, processors, retailers) are key in shaping our food system and play an important social and economic role across the EU. 

The aim of this series is to collectively identify key challenges and create a policy roadmap outlining significant levers for the transformation of European food value chains in the coming decade, making especially clear economic and policy implications of a protein transition. 

To achieve this, the workshops will:

  • Explore and unpack obstacles to achieving desired change;
  • Focus on major leverage points and their applicability – geographically and sectorally;
  • Build up transition pathways.

These workshops will gather representatives with diverse perspectives from policy making, business and civil society leaders currently shaping the European food system. Confirmed participants include DG AGRI, IPES-Food, BNP-Paribas, Climate Works, Danone, Bjorg, Ecologic, REWE.

To register for these workshop series, please contact Elise Huber (elise.huber@iddri.org).

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