A workshop co-organised by IDDRI and the Food, Farming & Countryside Commission (FFCC).


With its exit from the European Union, Great Britain must put in place a new agricultural and food policy. IDDRI, in partnership with the Food, Farming & Countryside Commission (FFCC), contributes to the debate on the future of the British food system and the political issues this raises by exploring the issues and modalities of an agro-ecological transition for Britain derived from the TFYA scenario for Europe.

Pierre-Marie Aubert participated in this workshop with the following participants, members of academic or university institutions or associations in the United Kingdom : 

  • Dr Laurence Graham Smith, Lecturer in Agroecology Royal Agricultural University (RAU)
  • Professor Tom Macmillan, Research Director, Food, Farming & Countryside Commission/  RAU
  • Professor David Barling, Director of the Centre for Agriculture, Food and Environmental Management, Hertfordshire University
  • Dr Michelle Cain, Science and Policy Research Associate, UoO/Cranfield University
  • Dr Tara Garnett, Food Climate Research Network Leader / University of Oxford
  • Dr Tom Finch, Conservation Scientist, Royal Society for Protection of Birds
  • Professor Tim Benton, Research Director - Energy, Environment and Resources, Chatham House
  • Chris Howe, Head of Food and Landscapes, WWF
  • Gareth Morgan, Head of Farming and Land Use Policy, Soil Association
  • Jyoti Fernandes, Campaigns and Policy Coordinator, Landworkers Alliance