Side events during COP15

Thursday, December 8: Exploring nature-positive pathways

Timings: 06.15pm (Montreal time - UTC-5) / 12.15am (Paris time - UTC+1)
Location: IGOs room
Organized by: PBL (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) | ICLEI | CAPITALSCOALITION | IPSI | IDDRI
With Juliette Landry (panellist) and Sébastien Treyer (moderator) for IDDRI

This side event presents the results of a new PBL report “Exploring nature positive pathways” that takes the whole of society approach as starting point. The report sees the many societal initiatives that are emerging as seeds of transformative change and non-state and sub-national actors as (new and) important agents of change. The report asks the question how to bend the curve for biodiversity in three configurations of non-state, sub-national and state actors: rural landscapes, supply chains, and cities. 

The side event will discuss the findings of the report with representatives from cities (ICLEI), business (Capitals Coalition) and landscape-initiatives (Satoyama). A presentation on the report will be followed by a panel discussion and discussion with the audience.

More information on the CBD website


Saturday, December 10: Lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean: biodiversity mainstreaming & governance for transformative change

Timings: 01.15pm (Montreal time - UTC-5) / 07.15pm (Paris time - UTC+1)
Location: Juscanz Room
Organized by: UN ECLAC-CEPAL | EF | CBD | IAI | IDDRI
With Sébastien Treyer (panellist) for IDDRI

ECLAC and Expertise France propose to reflect on the main findings, lessons learned and good practices for the mainstreaming of biodiversity and innovative governance in favor of biodiversity from the local to the regional level that could be up-scaled, building also on innovative experiences from cases from other regions and from key stakeholders.

More information on the CBD website


Friday, December 16: Tenure rights as the basis for restoring land and biodiversity while protecting people and livelihoods - co-organized by IDDRI

Timings: 01.15 - 02.45pm (Montreal time - UTC-5) / 07.15 - 08.45 pm (Paris time - UTC+1)
Location: Side-event 2
Organized by:  UNCCD | IDDRI | TMG (think tank)
With Julien Rochette (panellist) for IDDRI

In this side event, will be invited key stakeholders from local, national, and global level involved in policy making and implementation of UNCBD and UNCCD to discuss the need to make the protection of legitimate tenure rights the basis for the implementation of the Rio Conventions to enable just transitions. They will share their expertise, lessons learned and good practices from different contexts and various levels of governance to strengthen the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

More information on the CBD website and on TMG think tank's website


Friday, December 16: Implementation & Transformative Change

Timings: morning, to be confirmed
Location: Rio Pavilion
Organized by: to be confirmed
With IDDRI's participation