In this section, we gather each year a selection of key achievements, which provide an overview of IDDRI’s different kinds of operations, from research to impact, with varied stakeholders. This selection  can also be found in the Activity Reports.



2017 | Coal divestment and the just transition

>> IDDRI leads an international network to help accelerate the energy transition in coal-dependent economies

2017 | Imported deforestation

>> Biodiversity and trade: IDDRI contributes to the French strategy on imported deforestation

2017 | Cooperation policies

>> Development and security: IDDRI contributes to the French strategy for international cooperation

2017 | Transport and decarbonization

>> IDDRI facilitates debate on decarbonization strategies for the transport sector

2017 | Digitalization and the environment

>> IDDRI sets the political agenda with the convergence of the two transitions

2017 | Sustainable development goals

>> 2030 Agenda: France takes on the challenge of the SDGs

2017 | Ocean

>> Opening of negotiations on high seas governance




2016 | Sustainable development: It's time! Conference

>> Meeting of key actors in Paris to identify post-2015 challenges

2016 | Energy and climate strategy of the EU

>> Structural recommendations for an enhanced EU energy and climate strategy

2016 | IPBES

>> Increase international emphasis on the causes of biodiversity loss

2016 | Financing LDCs

>> Analysis of new financing modalities for least developed countries

2016 | Cities and the digital economy

>> Digital cities and actors to test new types of public service

2016 | Europe and SDGs

>> IDDRI brings together European think tanks for SDGs

2016 | Transforming agriculture

>> New agricultural pathways from China to Uruguay