Download the speakers' presentations (as they are animated, they must be viewed in "slide show" mode):

Ben Allen's presentation: "Agriculture’s contribution to a carbon neutral Europe"

Pierre-Marie Aubert's presentation: "The role of the agricultural sector in a carbon neutral Europe"

Containing global warming below 2°C implies reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 or before. Such an objective implies massive efforts in most economic sectors (energy, transport, industry or construction...). The agricultural sector has not yet been the subject of much debate on its role in achieving carbon neutrality, yet deep transformations in this sector are also implied.

Three simultaneous directions seem necessary:

  • reduce direct emissions from the agricultural sector,
  • increase biomass production to substitute fossil carbon (for energy or materials) with renewable carbon,
  • increase the storage capacity of the land sector (in soils and wooded areas) to offset residual emissions from the different sectors.

Which transformations of agricultural systems and more broadly of the European food system are compatible with these objectives? What may be the impacts on land use in Europe and associated biodiversity?

Pierre-Marie Aubert, Coordinator of the European Agriculture Initiative at IDDRI, and Ben Allen, Head of the Agriculture and Land Management Programme at IEEP, will discuss these questions. The presentations will be moderated by Sébastien Treyer, IDDRI's Director of Programmes.

The seminar will be held in English, and the debate will be followed by discussions with the audience.