There is a well acknowledged need for an ambitious transformation of the French, and wider European, food system as we face health, environmental and social challenges. This obligation is at the heart of the “From Farm to Fork” strategy published by the European Commission in 2020. However, practical policy measures do not seem to match the declared level of ambition. This is partly due to the idea that such a transition can only be achieved at a very high cost—in terms of jobs, farmer incomes and food prices.

IDDRI, in partnership with BASIC, has developed an innovative methodological framework to identify the policy drivers—in France and at the European scale—for a just transition of the food system by 2030, which takes into account both socio-economic and environmental issues.

This webinar presented the results of a just released study applying this approach to the dairy and arable sectors, taking as a starting point the agricultural component of the French National Low-Carbon Strategy, published in 2020 by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.


  • Pascal Canfin, Member of the European Parliament and Chairman of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
  • Florence Pradier, Director General, La Coopération Agricole
  • Philippe Mauguin, Chair and CEO, INRAE
  • Pierre-Marie Aubert, Coordinator, European Agriculture Initiative, IDDRI
  • Christophe Alliot, Director, BASIC


  • 04.15pm – Introduction: Sébastien Treyer 
  • 04.20pm – Study presentation: Pierre-Marie Aubert, Christophe Alliot 
  • 4.45pm – European policy challenges for a just transition: Pascal Canfin 
  • 05.15pm – Economic challenges of the just transition - insights from agricultural cooperation: Florence Pradier
  • 05.15pm – Research challenges of the just transition - linking supply and demand, physical and economic modelling: Philippe Mauguin 
  • 05.30pm – Q&A via live chat
  • 06pm – Conclusion: Sébastien Treyer

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