Director of research, Stéphanie Thiébault is a Paleo and archeobotanist. Since her thesis, she has been conducting research on the relationship between human beings and their plant environment and vegetation dynamics for the last fifteen millennia through the analysis of charcoal found in archaeological sites. She began her career at the CNRS at the Institut des sciences de l'évolution de Montpellier (ISEM, CNRS/IRD/Université de Montpellier 2).

In 2008, Stéphanie Thiébault received the CNRS silver medal and was appointed Deputy Scientific Director in the Environment and Sustainable Development department (now INEE). In 2009, she joined the Archaeozoology-Bobotanical Archaeology Unit (CNRS/MNHN) at the National Museum of Natural History. She has been Director of INEE since February 2013.