Une intervention de Claudio Chiarolla dans le cadre d'une conférence sur la proposition de mise en œuvre du Protocole de Nagoya par la Commission européenne, organisée par le Groupe des Verts/ALE au Parlement européen.

Présentation (en anglais) :

"As the rates of biodiversity loss continue to worsen, its conservation and sustainable use become an absolute ecological, social, and economical priority. The European Union has therefore initiated the process of ratification of the Nagoya Protocol and started working on its implementation into EU law.

Adopted at the Nagoya summit in 2010, the Nagoya Protocol is the only international instrument for the conservation of biodiversity. Through the mechanism of access and benefit-sharing, it aims to ensure sustainable access to genetic resources while generating benefits for the conservation of biodiversity, which are desperately lacking at this moment.

This conference will bring together top experts on biodiversity and iconic representatives of the fight for global equity in order to put this crucial issue high on the political agenda. It aims to make the general public realise the urgency to act decisively, and to demonstrate the beneficial consequences in the field of an ambitious EU regulation on access and benefit-sharing."