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Stark J. & Gattuso J.-P. (2016). Third xFOCE workshop: present status and future developments of in situ ocean acidification experiments. Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin, Volume 25, Issue 2 - May 2016. doi:10.1002/lob.10126

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"[...] Although FOCE [Free Ocean CO2 Enrichment] experiments present many challenges, group consensus was that FOCE systems are now proven to be viable and worthwhile. There are a range of solutions and options to overcome site specific difficulties and adapt FOCE systems to particular scientific needs. Using the combined experience of past efforts we now can make estimates of resources (including personnel) and skills required for successful FOCE experiments. A paper on this topic is being prepared as a result of the workshop. The next challenge for FOCE systems will be to incorporate additional drivers beyond a pH offset, such as temperature or oxygen. [...]"

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