Un article co-écrit par Glen Wright, Julien Rochette et Elisabeth Druel, consacré aux aires marines protégées dans les les zones au-delà de la juridiction nationale et publié dans l'ouvrage collectif Research Handbook on International Marine Environmental Law (Edward Elgar, 2015 ; sous la direction de Rosemary Rayfuse).

Présentation de l'ouvrage [en anglais] :

"This authoritative Handbook examines the current state and the future needs of international law in addressing the key activities that pose threats to the marine environment. Its chapters explore the legal framework for protection of the marine environment, pollution of the marine environment, seabed activities and the marine environment, protection of marine biodiversity, regional approaches to the protection of the marine environment and climate change and the marine environment. Each chapter goes beyond a survey of existing law to identify the shortcomings in the legal regime and areas of critical research needed to address these shortcomings. This book provides significant insights into contemporary issues surrounding the efficacy of the regime created by the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention and details the further work needed to ensure the design and implementation of effective regulation and management of human activities that affect the marine environment."

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