Références :

Raphaël Billé, Lucien Chabason, Petra Drankier, Erik J.Molenaar, Julien Rochette, "Regional Oceans Governance: Making Regional Seas Programmes, Regional Fishery Bodies and Large Marine Ecosystem Mechanisms Work Better Together", in Paulo A.L.D. Nunes, Lisa Emelia Svensson and Anit Markandya (Eds), Handbook on the Economics and Management of Sustainable Oceans, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, UNEP, 2017.

Présentation de l'ouvrage [en anglais] :

"The trans-disciplinary thematic areas of oceans management and policy require stocktaking of the state of knowledge on ecosystem services being derived from coastal and marine areas. Recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) especially Goals 14 and 15 explicitly focus on this. This Handbook brings together a carefully chosen set of world-class contributions from ecology, economics, and other development science and attempts to provide policy relevant scientific information on ecosystem services from marine and coastal ecosystems, nuances of economic valuation, relevant legal and sociological response policies for effective management of marine areas for enhanced human well being. The contributors focus on the possible nexus of science-society and science-policy with the objective of informing on decision makers of the governmental agencies, business and industry and civil society in general with respect to sustainable management of Oceans."

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