Papier d'introduction (« éditorial ») à la section spéciale "Challenges to and opportunities for biodiversity science–policy interfaces" du Volume 54 (décembre 2015) de la revue Environmental Science & Policy.

Extrait [en anglais] :

" [...] The difficulty in linking available scientific knowledge about biodiversity and ecological systems with policy responses is broadly acknowledged. However, although there is consensus about the need for good biodiversity science to inform policy decisions [...], a key challenge to strengthen the relationship between science and policy remains [...]. Confusion exists in this context and it appears to be grounded in how the relevant actors perceive the relationship between science and policy: for instance, whether a lack of integration (and the solution to this) is seen as lying mainly in the science or the policy domain or at the interface between these [...]. In this Special Section authors share an understanding of science-policy interfaces (SPI) in line with the third notion, that of a dynamic and two-sided process. [...]"

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