Un article de Matthieu Brun et Sébastien Treyer publié dans l'édition 2014-2015 de Governance for Development - Towards excellence in global public service.

Extrait [en anglais] :

"[...] the CFS reform was not only fostered by the changing institutional context but also by a profound transformation of the nature of food security issues. The framing of these issues has been broadened from increasing food production to including both economic and social access to food and more recently the sustainability of agricultural systems, increasingly challenged by climate change and nutrition issues. On top of that, in more recent years, civil society has been drawing attention to new issues such as food sovereignty and the right to food. Recent evolutions in the international development agenda, where sustainable development goals are discussed, stressed the importance of institutions like the CFS that could play the role of a policy dialogue forum about food and agriculture objectives and policies."

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