Un article co-écrit par Céline Ramstein, consacré au rôle des acteurs non-étatiques dans la mise en œuvre des actions de lutte contre le changement climatique, parallèlement aux politiques climatiques gouvernementales. Cet article plaide pour l'élaboration d'un cadre permettant de regrouper, soutenir et stumuler ces actions non-étatiques.

Citation : Chan, Sander and van Asselt, Harro and Hale, Thomas and Abbott, Kenneth W. and Beisheim, Marianne and Hoffmann, Matthew and Guy, Brendan and Höhne, Niklas and Hsu, Angel and Pattberg, Philipp and Pauw, Pieter and Ramstein, Céline and Widerberg, Oscar, "Reinvigorating International Climate Policy: A Comprehensive Framework for Effective Nonstate Action" (September 1, 2015). Global Policy (November 2015), Forthcoming. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2654214

Résumé [en anglais] :

"As countries negotiate a new climate agreement for the Paris climate summit in December 2015, a groundswell of climate actions is emerging as cities, regions, businesses, and civil society groups act on mitigation and adaptation, independently, with each other and with national governments and international organizations. The Paris summit provides a historic opportunity to develop a framework to catalyze, support, and steer these initiatives. Without such a framework, 'bottom-up' governance runs the risk of failing to deliver meaningful results. Social science research highlights the need for a comprehensive approach that promotes ambition, experimentation and accountability, and avoids unnecessary overlaps. This article specifies functions and design principles for a new, comprehensive framework for sub- and nonstate climate actions that could provide effective coordination."

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