En tant que membre du groupe d'experts indépendants de la CE FOOD 2030, Sébastien Treyer  a contribué à l'écriture du rapport "Recipe for a change: An agenda for a climate-smart and sustainable food system for a healthy Europe".

Résumé [en anglais]

Our current food system is not fit for the future. Farm practices are not sustainable, we eat less healthily than we should and we are unprepared for climate change. We also think about agriculture, the wider bio-economy and managing natural resources as being separate from the food system, while in reality they are all interconnected. We need to create sustainable, diversified, inclusive and resilient processes that can cope with the complex social and ecological effects of increased urbanisation, population growth, changing demographics, climate change and resource scarcity: our whole food system needs innovation.

In this report, a group of experts recommends orientations for innovation in the years to come at the request of the European Commission’s DG RTD. The report will contribute to a Research, Innovation and Investment Strategy (RI&IS) in line with the Commission’s FOOD 2030 initiative, which is based on four priorities:

  • Nutrition for sustainable and healthy diets
  • Climate smart and environmentally sustainable food systems
  • Circularity and resource efficiency of food systems
  • Innovation and empowerment of communities

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