Une contribution de Tancrède Voituriez et Benoît Daviron dans la section II, "The Activism-Policy Nexus in Practice" de l'ouvrage collectif Global Justice Activism and Policy Reform in Europe - Understanding When Change Happens, édité par Peter Utting, Mario Pianta et Anne Ellersiek et publié par Routledge.

Présentation de l'ouvrage [en anglais] :

"Civil society activism around issues of global justice has proliferated in Europe during the past two decades. Has such contestation and advocacy made a difference? This book examines whether and how the organizations, networks and campaigns involved have attained their policy objectives in the areas of debt relief, international trade, international taxation and corporate accountability. The analysis also considers the relationship between national and transnational activism. By comparing variations in the "activism-policy nexus" in France, Italy and the United Kingdom, it seeks to understand how such interaction and policy outcomes vary in different institutional and political contexts."

Présentation du chapitre [en anglais] :

"This chapter examines the extent to which non-state actors concerned with issues of trade justice are attempting to influence agicultural policy in France. Specifically, we shall examine:

1. The different types of discourse and proposals generated by non-state actors related to the reform of agricultural policy for the purpose of reducing North-South inequalities

2. The nature and form of relationships between non(-state actors, as well as between these and the state

3. The influence of these relationships on policy reforms."