Dans le cadre d'une réflexion commune qui a donné lieu en 2014 à un article sur le cadre d'atténuation (mitigation framework) dans le futur accord climatique, l'Iddri et le National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (Chine) publient un nouvel article traitant des dimensions dynamique et durable de la coopération internationale.

Présentation [en anglais]

"In 2014, IDDRI and NCSC published a joint ‘think tank level thought experiment’ concerning the design of the mitigation framework in the 2015 climate agreement. This dealt with how Parties could establish their contributions in the context of the 2015 climate agreement, in order to ensure that they are transparent, credible, flexible and transformational.

Subsequently, the negotiations have progressed. Parties have started to submit their contributions.

Increasing attention is being turned to the question of how to ensure the dynamism and durability of cooperation under the Convention and the 2015 climate agreement. Climate change is a long-term issue and continued strengthened cooperation will be required. How will Parties revise their contributions? How will progress on cooperation on all elements of the agreement be reviewed? How will we ensure that the science continues to guide cooperation?

These issues have become one of the cores of the negotiations, and the subject of divergent views among Parties.

In order to address this issue, IDDRI and NCSC have jointly developed the present discussion paper. As with all collaborations, it has involved much discussion, mutual enrichment of ideas and, of course, compromise. Neither side has seen its views fully expressed, as they stood before we started work. That is the nature of collaboration.

However, in the spirit of the negotiations, we thought that it was important to produce another think tank level thought experiment, in order to explore how the dynamism and durability of cooperation under the Convention and the 2015 climate agreement could be assured."

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