You will find below the list of IDDRI side events during COP26, as well as the publications that may be associated with them.

All timings are in GMT, winter time in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Monday, November 1

03:00 pm - 04:00 pm (GMT) - Roundtable on Cascading Climate Risks: perspective from around the world

Register (online only) As part of COP26 in Glasgow, the Adaptation Without Borders partners and Chatham House organize a virtual discussion of cross-border climate risks from regions around the world and their implications for national, regional and global actors.

Location: Chatham House COP26 Climate Risk and Security Virtual Pavilion
Organized by: Chatham House and Adaptation Without Borders partners (IDDRI, ODI, SEI, BSR, IGES, ICIMO, Mediators Beyond Borders, PlandAdapt, Pace Environmental, University of the West Indies, Enda énergie, Winrock International)

Tuesday, November 2

03:45 pm - 04:45 pm (GMT): Target 2030: Reinforcing the Africa-Europe energy partnership

Location: Scottish Event Campus (SEC) SDG 7 Pavilion
Organized by: Africa-Europe Foundation
Speakers include:

  • Sébastien Treyer, IDDRI
  • Kandeh Yumkella, Africa-Europe Foundation Strategy Group on Energy, and former Chief Executive Officer of Sustainable Energy for All (SEforAll)
  • Magdalena Kouneva, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)
  • Tariye Gbadegesin, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, ARM-Harith Infrastructure Investment LTD
  • Camilla Toulmin, Africa-Europe Foundation
  • Full panel, agenda and concept note

Friday, November 5

09:30 am - 10:30 am (GMT): Supporting long-term low-emission and climate-resilient development strategies in Africa

Location: Scottish Event Campus (SEC) NDC Partnership Pavillon
Organized by: AFD (French Development Agency), Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), IDDRI
Speakers include:

  • Marta Torres Gunfaus, IDDRI (introduction, panelist and moderation of the discussion)
  • Halima Bawa-Bwari, Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria
  • Prof. Chuks Okereke, DDP Nigeria
  • Prof. Fekadu Beyene Aleka, Commissioner, Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission, Burkina Faso
  • Dr. Augustin Kabore, Permanent Secretariat of Ministry of Environment, - Methodological approach and important steps to support the development of LT-LEDS, based on the case of Ethiopia and Burkina Faso 
  • Gebru Endalew, Project Leader Ethiopia LEDS, Mozambique
  • Aristides B. Muhate, Fundo Nacional de Desenvolvimento Sustentável, Ministério da Agricultura e Desenvolvimento Rural


11:30 am - 12:45 pm (GMT): Multi-level action for biodiversity and climate: planetary challenge and lessons from Latin America

Register and/or watch live on the United Nations - Climate Change (UNFCCC ) YouTube channel
Location: Scottish Event Campus (SEC) (Blue Zone) and online
Organized by: York University, Grantham Institute; Sociedade Pesquisa em Vida Salvagem e Educação Ambiental (SPVS); Boticário Group Foundation; Oro Verde Tropical Forest Foundation; German Development Institute (DIE)
Speakers include:

  • Alexandra Deprez, IDDRI
  • Andy Purvis, Natural History Museum, London UK, and Grantham Institute Affiliate
  • Ricardo Borges, SPVS - Sociedade de Pesquisa em Vida Selvagem e Educação Ambiental, Brazil
  • Anke Manuela Salzmann, Boticário Group Foundation, Brazil
  • Ineke Naendrup, Oro Verde Tropical Forest Foundation, Bonn, Germany
  • Heidy García, Defensores de la Naturalez, Guatemala

Read on this topic[Study] Aligning high climate and biodiversity ambitions in 2021 and beyond: why, what, and how?

Saturday, November 6

10:00 am - 11:30 am (GMT): Increasing Ambition for Carbon Neutrality – How to Ensure Environmental Integrity in the Land sector?
Watch live on Youtube

Location: Blue zone, French Pavilion, and online
Organized by: IRD (French National Institute for Sustainable Development) & InVivo, IDDRI, INRAE, CIRAD
Speakers include

  • Kolbe Semhoun Rachel (moderator of the session), INVIVO
  • Alexandra Deprez, IDDRI
  • Jean-Luc Chotte, for IRD, CIRAD, INRAE
  • Édouard Lanckriet, INVIVO
  • Martial Bernoux, Office of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environment, FAO
  • Lamine Diatta, Agriculture, Forestry and other Land Use Changes (LULUCFs), Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Senegal
  • Karla Soto, Agricultural Extension and Climate Negotiator, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Costa Rica
  • Eduardo Mansur, Director, Office of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environment, FAO, Roma, Italy

Read on this topic[Study] Climate ambition beyond emission numbers - Taking stock of progress by looking inside countries and sectors



04:45 pm - 06:00 pm (GMT): Beyond climate neutrality: Using LTS to chart an equitable path for a resilient planet

Watch or rewatch the livestream

Download the agenda

Location: South Downs (Multimedia Studio 1)
Organized by: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and TERI School of Advanced Studies, in collaboration with German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU), The Warsaw Institute for Economic and European Studies Foundation (WiseEuropa), and Ecologic Institute
Speakers include

Sunday, November 7

09:30 am - 11:30 am (GMT): Long-Term Strategies in emerging economies

Register and Access to the live on the D-day
In this event we will share the results of the DDP BIICS project. Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Africa will share the lessons learned on national long-term decarbonization assessments and strategies. Download the full concept note and agenda

Location: Merchants House of Glasgow
Organized by: 2050 Pathways Platform and BIICS country partners
Speakers include

  • Marta Torres Gunfaus, IDDRI
  • Anna Pérez Català, IDDRI
  • Amit Garg, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  • Richard Baron (moderator), 2050 Pathways Platform
  • Ucok Siagian (Center for Researchon Energy Policy of The Institut Teknologi Bandung - CREP-ITB)
  • Rizaldi Boer, Bogor Agricultural University - CCROM – IPB
  • Hilton Trollip, University of Cape Town
  • Bryce McCall, University of Cape Town
  • Emilio La Rovere,  CentroClima/COPPE Brazil, UFRJ

Monday, November 8

09:30 am - 10:30 am (GMT): Adapt’Action- Lessons Learned and Perspectives

Location: IDFC Pavilion
Organized by: IDFC (International Development Finance Club) and AFD (French Development Agency)
Speakers include

  • François-Xavier Duporge, AFD
  • Christophe Buffet, AFD
  • Madeleine Rose Diouf Sarr, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Senegal
  • Shiv Seewoobaduth, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Mauritius
  • Alexandre Magnan, IDDRI

Tuesday, November 9

10:00 am - 11:00 am (GMT): Launch event, Adaptation Without Borders (AWB) with DG CLIMA: A new era in international cooperation on climate change 

Register then, navigate to the official session's page
Event in English, with French simultaneous translation

Location: Scottish Event Campus (SEC) EU Pavillion
Organized by: IDDRI, DG CLIMA (Climate direction at Brussels, Belgium), Adaptation without borders (AWB), Stockholm Environment Institute; Overseas Development Institute; ENDA énergie; Institute for Global Environmental Strategies; University of the West Indies; International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD); Business for Social Responsibility (BSR); Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University; Winrock International; PlanAdapt; Mediators Beyond Borders International
Speakers include:

  • Frans Timmermans, European Commission’s Executive Vice-President for the EU Green Deal
  • Teresa Ribera, Spain’s Minister for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge
  • Ayman Cherkaoui, Adaptation Without Borders Ambassador
  • Josefa Leonel Correia Sacko, Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture of the African Union
  • Abdoulaye Dia, Executive Secretary of the Pan African Agency for the Great Green Wall
  • John Haley, Chair and Executive Director of Willis Towers Watson
  • Jorge Martin, Owner, Jorge Martin Illustration

#AdaptationWithoutBorders #EUatCOP26


04:00 pm - 05:30 pm (GMT): Assessing company transition with deep decarbonization pathways in Brazil and Mexico – lessons learned from the ACT-DDP Project


Location: Scottish Event Campus (SEC) IDFC Pavilion / and online
Organized by: IDDRI, Ademe, CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), FFEM, DDP Partners
Speakers include:

  • Lola Vallejo, IDDRI
  • Yann Briand, IDDRI
  • Stephanie Bouzigues Eschmann, FFEM
  • Emilio Lebre La Rovere, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Daniel Buira, Tempus Analitica
  • Romain Poivet, ADEME international
  • Fernada Coletti, CDP Latam
  • Vicente Torres, Head of public affairs, Urbvan
  • Adieliton Freitas, Sustainability manager, CEMIG
  • Full panel, agenda and concept note


05:00 pm - 05:30 pm (GMT): Green Iron Production in South Africa – An opportunity to kick start South African participation in growing momentum of global sectoral decarbonization of iron and steel making  (Session 8) 

Watch the livestream
: Scottish Event Campus (SEC) South Africa Pavilion / and online
Organized by: IDDRI, National Business Initiative (NBI South Africa)
Speakers include:

  • Hilton Trollip, University of Cape Town
  • Bryce McCall, University of Cape Town


06:30 pm - 07:45 pm (GMT): Adaptation Metrics: challenges and perspectives

Location: Forth Room, UNFCCC Pavilion
Organized by: hosted by UNFCCC and called by the Kingdom of Morocco, and IPAM (International Platform on Adaptation Metrics)
Speakers include:

  • Alexandre Magnan, IDDRI
  • Abdalah Mokssit, General Secretary, IPCC
  • Leila Benali, Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Kingdom of Morocco
  • CoP26 Presidency/UNFCCC Secretarial (TBD)
  • See provisional panel and concept note

Wednesday, November 10

09:00 am - 10:30 am (GMT) : Adaptation Metrics Mapping Evaluation (AMME) framework

Location: Scottish Event Campus (SEC) Moroccan Pavilion
Organized by: IPAM (International Platform on Adaptation Metrics)
Speakers include


10:30 am - 01:00 pm (GMT) : Plenary body meeting of IPAM members (following the presentation of the AMME framework)

Location: Scottish Event Campus (SEC) Moroccan Pavilion
Organized by: IPAM (International Platform on Adaptation Metrics)
Speakers include:

  • Alexandre Magnan, IDDRI
  • Karim Anegay, IPAM secretariat
  • Marta Olazabal, IPAM cities chair
  • Karl Schultz, IPAM Chair
  • See provisional panel list


11:30 am - 12:30 pm (GMT): Informing the Global Stocktake – Emissions reduction targets and beyond

Location: Scottish Event Campus (SEC) Pavillon EU, Room O
Organized by: IDDRI, CDP Europe (Carbon Disclosure Project), Wuppertal Institute, the independent Global Stocktake initiative
Speakers include:

  • Johannes Svensson, IDDRI
  • and others to be confirmed

Read on this topic: [Report] Climate ambition beyond emission numbers - Taking stock of progress by looking inside countries and sectors


02:30 pm - 03:30 pm (GMT): Decarbonizing freight transport

Register (if your are onsite) ou watch the livestream
Location: Scottish Event Campus (SEC), Business Pavilion for Climate Leadership - The Climate Pledge Theatre, Hall 5
Organized by: IDDRI, SLOCAT, TDA (Transport Decarbonization Alliance), We Mean Business
Speakers include:

  • Yann Briand, IDDRI
  • Prof. Alan McKinnon, Kuehne Logistics University
  • Chair Randolf, California Air Resources Board
  • Morna Cannon, Transport Scotland
  • Key company representatives


04:00 pm - 05:30 pm (GMT): Towards zero emission transport - taking stock of progress

Register This event (held onsite and online, in English/French) is an opportunity to take stock of the progress made in the decarbonization of transport in terms of both demand-side and supply-side mitigation actions. It will start by presenting the role of cargo owners in transforming freight demand and the changes that this implies within their organizations through concrete examples. The role of technology, infrastructure and service providers will then be showcased, through the examples of rail transport and hydrogen. 

Location: French Pavillion
Organized by: IDDRI, SLOCAT, MovinOn, SNCF, Alstom
Speakers include:

  • Ines Bouacida, IDDRI
  • Yann Briand, IDDRI
  • Alain Quinet, Executive Director General of SNCF network, Chairman of the Commission on the carbon price
  • Frédéric Delorme, President of Rail Logistics Europe, SNCF, 4F Coalition
  • Alberto Mazzola, Executive Director of the European Rail Community (CER)
  • Mike Muldoon, Head of Business Development in UK, Alstom
  • and others to be confirmed 

Thursday, November 11

08:30 am - 09:30 am (GMT): Synergies and trade-offs between climate and biodiversity: a governance for biomass use?

Watch the livestream

Location:  Scottish Event Campus (SEC) Business Pavilion, Hall 5 of the Blue Zone in The Climate Pledge Theatre
Organized by: EpE (Entreprises pour l’Environnement) 
Speakers include