Context and objectives

The Transformative Investment for Sustainable Development Project (TISD) brings together key development actors - including aid and development agencies, financial intermediaries and regulators, commercial banks and think tanks - to contribute to the French, European and global conversation on development financing around particular key sectors.

It seeks to encourage new ways of thinking and elicit sustainable responses from the donor community to the multiple challenges encompassed in the 2030 Development Agenda and its related 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The two-year TISD project (2015-2017) is coordinated by IDDRI, in partnership with Ferdi within the IDGM framework.

The project aims at contributing to the elaboration of innovative partnerships and initiatives for financing and implementing the 2030 transformative agenda.

To support this process, TISD follows two major work streams: Steering Committee policy dialogue convening investment and sustainable financing practitioners under Chatham House rules; and SDG case studies to shed light on the diverse ways that financing could contribute to unlocking developing countries’ drive towards the SDGs.

Policy dialogue

The project aims at organizing a policy dialogue between development actors including investment and sustainable financing practitioners and the private sector to stimulate and spur global debate on key development challenges. It seeks to encourage out-of-the box ways of thinking on the multiple challenges and opportunities facing the development community and help raise the global level of ambition towards achieving the 2030 transformative and sustainable goals.

To that end we have delineated the “signature” of major donors in their justification of ODA mobilization for the financing of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. We have compared this signature, derived from public discourses, to the actual priorities and allocation of ODA in the case of France. The results can be found in this ODA paper).

We have also simulated the budget cost of meeting the 0,7% ODA/GNI target for France at different time horizons. The results can be found in the 0,7% trajectory paper).

Case studies

Building on the intended outcome of the SDGs by 2030 and the paradigm shift marked by the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA), the TISD project focuses on three critical challenges for development cooperation. The first pertains to the comparative advantages of public and private financing in reaching the SDGs within a fast-evolving financing ecosystem. The second is innovation, encompassing new ways to measure and share risk and to bolster experimentation. The third is scale. The SDGs call for replication of successes and promising experimentation at a scale appealing to donors and investors.

We explore ways and means to address these challenges through three practical case studies:

  1. The role of public guarantee in the financing of municipalities and urban projects
  2. The contribution of forecasting/backcasting scenario to channeling investment towards sustainable agriculture
  3. The effect of results-based financing mechanisms on the quality of health services.

These case studies can also be explored in related Issue Briefs:



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